Since the cousins Horia Panaitescu and Radu Ionescu opened UNDA Recording Studio in 2009, it became a growing creature with pure analog DNA. Located in the former industrial zone right in the middle of Bucharest city, in the beginning there was some 100 sq meters of space furnished with bare necessities for a studio. Every room was build from scratch, under the strict rules of building a proper space for the recording and mixing purpose. Over time, driven by passion and commitment, the little studio became a full option facility with more recording rooms, production nests, a tech-shop for professional audio gear, rehearsal spaces and lounge areas.

Ready for action stands an array of state-of-the-art microphones, a pair of uncompromising Barefoot monitors, world-approved outboard processors and legendary (and we mean it!) preamps. Every single piece of electronics is here to design an unique character to your sound.
A selection of great sounding software is complementing the analogue gear – in today's standard often a hybrid mixing setup delivers the best results.

Studio A

Studio A9

Producers can find here some rare sound sources (like a Tube Tone Generator), out of age synthesizers, acoustic instruments and twisted digital stuff speaking in (MIDI) tongues. On the other hand, producer’s friends can enjoy a coffee or a snack in the confortable lounge, then tweet on our uber-fast WiFi about handcrafted steampunk pieces of art built by Horia’s father – Mecanic Moustache.

The amazing studio spaces are also used for countless photo shoots, video shoots and events.

UNDA Recording is becoming increasingly frequented by world-renowned artists and producers looking for a recording facility dedicated to sonic beauty. Today, in this corner of Europe, Romania’s capabilities of sound engineering can be represented with pride and passion - be it rock or pop, electronic, jazz or world music.

Studio A2


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